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The Web UK Magazine, Spring/Summer issue

The 2020 Spring/Summer issue of The Web UK Magazine has gone to press... hallelujah, praise the Ancient Ones!

Chock full of great interviews, articles and photographs, the printer has promised us he will turn the wheel on the printing press really, really quickly in order to run as many copies as possible through the letterpress machine every hour.

We have threatened to withhold his chocolate rations and hide his Pantone books if he slackens off!
Swappers Eleven - a Swap The Band band

A Racket Elf, ready for magazine stuffing duty

Hopefully, if we can tempt the Racket Elves out of quarantine, the printer will rush the finished magazine round to the back of Racket on his horse drawn cart. There they will be thrust roughly into envelopes ready for collection by Postman Pat for delivery around the end of July or early August.

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