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Swappers Eleven - a Swap The Band band

Swappers Eleven is an international music collective who's founding members met in 2011 as winners of Marillion’s Swap The Band competition.

Swappers Eleven - a Swap The Band band

Originally conceived as a 'Band' project, the core trio of Luiz Alvim (Keyboards), Alessandro Carmassi (Vocals) and Gary Foalle (Bass) decided on a more exciting proposition - let’s recruit Swap The Band winners from other Marillion Weekends!

With promo copies of their track The Collector as their manifesto, the guys went to work spreading the word to fellow Swappers. Their mission complete … Swappers Eleven now boasts an impressive lineup of fifteen musicians from ten countries.

2020 sees Swappers Eleven preparing for the release of their debut album.

For more information check out their Facebook page:

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