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The Web UK Magazine - Summer 2019 Issue

Forsooth, the Summer 2019 issue of the Web UK Magazine is ready to issue forth (although knowing us it will be issuing fifth!). The scribes have been hard at work, noses affixed firm to the grindstone, and yon printer is cranking up the old Caxton Press.

The Web UK Magazine - Summer 2019 Issue

Verily, once the ink hath dried the issue will be sent post haste, via carrier sloth, direct to your humble abode / mud hut / mansion / castle / lair*. The tome contains wonderous tales of magical weekends in Łódź, Leicester and Montréal as well as many other astounding proclamations, tall tales and cunning stunts for your delectation and delight.

The issue should be ready for distribution, via the Postmaster General, on the weekend of the seventh day of the ninth month in the year of our Lord two thousand and nineteen Anno Domini. Praise be!

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* delete as applicable

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