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Sounds Of Change

Hello loves,

Greetings from h, (feeling a little weary but with a certain sense of achievement after our recent “tricky" but ultimately successful European tour).

Christmas is almost upon us!

Not alotta shopping days left and fewer still for us touring musicians who usually never get it together to send out the cards or have the stocking-fillers bought before the last desperate bloke-y dash round the shops on Christmas eve!

Soon we’ll be opening the plonk and the aromas of festive food in the oven will be drifting through our houses as, if we’re lucky, we’ll be catching up with family and our dearest friends.

I love Christmas.

If you’re anything like us though, you won’t be able to help but spare a quiet thought for those in the world having a thoroughly rotten Christmas and you’ll probably wish you could perhaps do some little thing to make the world a better place - especially at a time of year that should be happy.

We can’t make the world a fair and happy place for everyone - much as we all feel it should be.

That’s just the way it is.

But there’s always SOMETHING we can help with if we choose.

So please forgive us pointing you at this, but it’s beautiful.

There is a crowdfunding campaign beginning on Sunday Dec 9 and running though Christmas to January 9.

Perhaps the best fans in the world can help us by sending a few quid to this best of causes. The kids are the world’s future. Ours are probably going to grow up happy and loved, but unfortunately the victims of war and conflict are often children.

And they’re often scarred for life. They’re broken. And we must mend them so that they grow up knowing love peace and understanding... if we possibly can.

Sounds of Change is the name of the Foundation Lucas Dols started in 2016.

The Sounds of Change Foundation trains aid-workers and teachers to integrate music as an empowering tool in their work with children in conflict areas and post conflict areas.

"Music can change the World, because it can change people."

We believe that children have the right to be empowered and develop their full potential.

Music is a proven springboard and a very powerful tool to heal the emotional wounds of war.

We know you’ll help. That’s the kind of people you are.

Here’s the link : CLICK HERE

Happy Christmas you lot. We love you.


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