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Competition time

The Autumn/Winter 2018 Issue of the Web UK Magazine is bulging with wonderful words and so full of phenomenal photos that there was no room for a competition. So this issue's has moved online.

Marillion Christmas Jumper It might never snow again In England but it still gets bloody nippy out, so with this in mind we want you to design a Marillion Christmas jumper. We will have no wooly thinking and anyone submitting a rude design will be told to flock off in no uncertain terms. Apart from that it's totally up to ewe... anything goes, and that's snow joke.

Email your designs* to by 31st January 2019 and the winner will receive a Racket goody bag, so get sharpening those crayons.

The winner of the Spot The Missing F E A R Lyrics from the Summer 2018 issue is Tina Heffernan who will soon be the proud owner of a Racket goodie bag. If we are feeling generous there may even be something in it!

* send images as a jpg file, minimum of 800px x 800px.

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