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The Web UK Magazine Autumn/Winter 2018 Issue

As this is being typed, the ferrous sulphate is being mixed and the Caxton Press is being fired up ready to crank out the new issue of the Web UK Magazine.

The Web UK Magazine Autumn/Winter 2018 Issue

All things being equal and assuming the print lackies can crank the handle fast enough, the Racket Elves (pictured above in a rare moment slacking) will be stuffing said magazine into envelopes on the 8th December so that you good people (and the naughty ones... we know who you are and no smilies for you!) will receive them before Christmas.

Aren't we just too good to you?

As ever this is a bumper issue full of interesting and informative interviews, articles and reviews. Happy reading and happy Christmas!

Backround photo ©Alison Toon

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