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US tour downloads are now available

US tour downloads are now available

US tour downloads are now available from the Racket store.

Please remember that the source for these downloads was the main outputs of the live mixing desk - so while the audio is of a high quality, it is being mixed for the venue, therefore each release has a slightly different character. This recording is provided 'as-is' - warts and all - for your listening pleasure, so please keep this in mind when listening!

Unfortunately the first night's performance on Cruise To The Edge (5th February) and Grand Rapids (18th February) will not be available due to technical problems.

Cruise to the Edge Night 2 - 06.02.18: Click here
Orlando, Florida - 09.02.18: Click here
Atlanta, Georgia - 10.02.18: Click here
Durham, North Carolina - 12.02.18: Click here
Greensburg, Pennsylvania - 13.02.18: Click here
Buffalo, New York - 15.02.18: Click here
Royal Oak, Michigan - 16.02.18: Click here
St Charles, Illinois - 19.02.18: Click here
Dallas, Texas - 21.02.18: Click here

Orlando Photo ©2018 Alex Agranovsky.

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