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The Web UK Magazine Autumn / Winter 2017

The Web UK Magazine Autumn/Winter 2017

The lithographers have been hard at work so within the next couple of weeks the new Autumn / Winter issue of The Web UK Magazine should be winging its way to you, although this is dependent on:

a) the DVD being ready and delivered.


b) assuming we can entice the Racket Elves out of hibernation with promises of shiny bits of paper, sweets and lots of strong tea.

The issue is based largely around the Royal Albert Hall concert with lots of words and photos to remind us of the evening, although there is plenty of other content to keep you going through those long cold winter nights / long hot summer days*.

Look out for it on your doormat soon!

*delete as applicable, depending on whereabouts in the world you live. Other weather is available.

Photos © Stefan Schulz 2017

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