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Misplaced Childhood

Misplaced Childhood

Following the demise of our old record company EMI, our first 8 albums were taken up by Warner Music. With our assistance, they have decided it’s time to bring those albums up to date.

The first album to get the makeover will be Misplaced Childhood. The package will include a 5.1 mix by Steven Wilson and a new stereo master taken from the original analog 1/2” tape. This will be used to make a new vinyl and CD version which we believe to be superior to the 1998 re-master.

Both Deluxe CD and Vinyl versions come with a full concert, Live at the Muziekcentrum Vredenburg in the city of Utrecht in October 1985. The performance includes the entire Misplaced Childhood album along with several songs from the band’s earlier albums. All of the live recordings are previously unreleased except for Chelsea Monday, which was the B-side to Heart Of Lothian. The Deluxe CD set also comes with a fourth disk containing Demos and B-Sides.
Misplaced Childhood Deluxe CD & Blu-rayThere will also be a documentary video on the Blu-ray version about the making of the album featuring Marillion, producer Chris Kimsey and Fish, where we reveal some previously untold stories about the writing and recording of Misplaced Childhood. We hope you will enjoy revisiting this album when it’s released in July. It is available to pre-order now:

CD/Bluray version:

Vinyl Box Set version:
Misplaced Childhood Deluxe Vinyl

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