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Charities at Port ZĂ©lande.

Marillion will be supporting two charities this year, The Aara Foundation and The Hope Flowers School. Here is a brief outline of what they do:

The Aara Foundation
Light and hope for kids and women in India.
Providing education for the kids at the Bawana slums in Delhi. They get daily school classes, lunch boxes and regular new school uniforms.

Supporting gender equality by giving workshops, participating in girls projects and giving information in empowerment, equality and values.

Materials are needed so women can support themselves and start their own small business. Aara foundation helps to support these women. For example: buying a sewing machine for a young lady so she can work from home.

Asha from The Web Holland helps run this charity. For more information go to (in dutch) or

The Hope Flowers School
The School teaches non-violence, citizenship, social and community skills to children aged 5-14. It works with trauma-recovery and special needs education in Bethlehem.

Founded in 1984, now arguably a world leader in its field, Hope Flowers' accumulated experience helps de-escalate violence, polarisation and extremism. The school promotes quality education, self-improvement, inter-communal and intercultural understanding.

Hope Flowers Center works with women, young people, families and professionals, empowering the disadvantaged and those impacted by conflict. It helps people rebuild their lives, take initiatives, spread their wings and play a constructive role in improving their communities.

Sarina helps raise money for this school. For further information go to:

There will be a number of fundraising activities throughout the weekend. Further details nearer the time.

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